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Candace ([personal profile] candyfloss) wrote2010-06-17 10:23 pm

Black and White doujin

If you've been keeping up with my journal, you'll know [ profile] redkid11 and I have been working together on her manga/doujin adaptation of my Final Fantasy XIII fanfiction, Black and White. More specifically, she drew it, and consulted me with story and characterisation stuff, and pretty much let me have input at every stage, so it was a team effort. (I'm still kind of stunned anyone would put so much work into something based on my writing; it's such a huge compliment, as an author!)

So, I'm happy to announce it's finally finished! You'll notice some differences -- namely, Snow has been omitted -- but the basic story and theme of the Farron sisters is the same. Pre-game, so spoiler-free, I think.


You can view the rest here, on her Deviantart gallery. Simply use the arrows to navigate. Reading order is left to right, like western comics.

Hope you enjoy!

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congrats! that is awesome!
i haven't had the chance to play ffxiii yet, so i don't want to spoil myself, but as a writer i know how amazing it is when your work is so appreciated.
congrats again. i will definitely check this out after i've played the game

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Thank you! :)) Hope you enjoy it once you can read it.

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zomg, that looks &*%$ing sweet! ♥ I haven't played through the game yet, so I'll wait until I get my hands on it.

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Yeahhh. *_* The style is almost as good as a real manga-ka, I was really impressed when I saw the pencil draft.